SIGMA³ Helps Operators Make Barrels Flow

Operators must be more efficient and reduce costs to economically produce from unconventional fields. As market price pressures force producers to make tough decisions while focusing on the "sweet spot" of their assets and maximizing return, the adoption of technology is key to their success. SIGMA³ has developed a suite of smart GeoEngineering™ solutions to identify & target the sweet spot in the shale reservoir and create a workflow to maximize production and increase EUR using better engineered completion and hydrofracturing techniques validated with next generation microseismic.

Around the world, SIGMA³ clients are using innovation to achieve measurable increases in IP & EUR and are recording significant cost savings. In the Bakken, operators have realized 53% better incremental production value per well using SIGMA³ Engineering workflows. In unconventional reservoirs across the US, operators are achieving 80-90% production correlation to Shale Capacity™ – a method pioneered by SIGMA³ to identify the sweet spot in the subsurface and target the most prolific part of the reservoir. An operator in the Eagle Ford has used the industry's only adaptive signal processing and 3D velocity analysis to improve microseismic event location accuracy from 150' to just 30'. Additionally, SIGMA³ has been involved in more than 11,000 wells and 35,000 frac stages in different rocks types around the world. Based on this experience, the company has developed differentiated workflows to support clients in improving drilling success rate and optimizing completion costs with proven success. Last year alone clients reduced screen outs by an average of 99.3% and saved more than $22.7 Million.

Let us demonstrate how innovation and efficiency helps operators yield better wells at a lower cost, including first-of-its-kind dynamic Geomechanics to predict and evaluate the geomechanical response of the reservoir to hydraulic stimulation and reduce the number of sub-optimal frac stages. Important field development decisions, including lateral azimuth, stratigraphic target and landing zone, hazard avoidance, well spacing (lateral & vertical), stage spacing, and well locations can be quantitatively supported and optimized using SIGMA³ reservoir characterization, enhanced microseismic reservoir characterization and inter-disciplinary onsite engineering workflows and tools.