How Do You Respond to Your Reservoir?

See the sounds of your stimulated reservoir alongside geology, well, and production data. CRYSTAL™ 2013 is the best workspace for microseismic analysis and shale play analysis.


BOOTH 1039 @ URTeC


We look forward to seeing you in Booth 1039 where we will display the newest integration of geoscience, engineering & real-time microseismic monitoring for unprecedented reservoir performance.

Join us on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. for a SPECIAL EVENT!

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  • CRYSTAL™ 2013 -- Microseismic & Engineering Analysis in a Shared GeoEngineering™ Model
  • A Different Approach to Microseismic Acquisition & Processing
  • Modeling Unconventional Reservoirs with the Help of Conventional Seismic
  • SIGMA³ Engineering - Teaming Up with the Geophysicist

Experts from APEX, a SIGMA³ Company and SIGMA³ will be on hand to answer questions about how you can adopt dynamic, 21st Century geoscience, reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering technologies and workflows that will give you confidence that you know where and how to drill, complete and frac where it counts!