ThinMAN™ Uracoa-Bombal Fields

SIGMA³ interpreters worked with the drilling engineers during the drilling phase of the project as described in an SEG Annual Meeting Paper,  "The Use of Seismic Attributes and Spectral Decomposition to Support the Drilling Plan of the Uracoa-Bombal Fields."  The drillers went into the drilling program with a better understanding of what to expect and maintained continuous contact with the interpreters.

The illustration shows the complex well path and the path taken by the drill bit. As the drilling progressed, the drillers on the well became concerned when they encountered a shale zone as they thought they should be approaching the targeted reservoir. The MWD data were updated as the drilling progressed and the location of this shale zone is shown in blue on the accompanying illustration. From this updated information the SIGMA³ interpreters were able to assure the drillers that they were on track to get to the interpreted "sweet spot." Then had the confidence to proceed to their target which proved to be their "sweet spot".

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