SPE 2012 | Booth 1863

Imagine Integration So Compelling That Your Geoscientists & Engineers Actually Want to Work Together!

Stop by Booth 1863 and see how you can integrate geoscience, engineering & real-time microseismic monitoring for unprecedented reservoir performance.

  • Achieve High-Confidence Event Location for High-Value Evaluation
  • Design & Execute Wells for Maximum IP & EUR
  • Increase Confidence in Flow Simulation
  • Drill Safely! On Time, On Budget, On Spec

Experts from APEX, a SIGMA³ Company and SIGMA³ will be on hand to answer your questions about how you can adopt dynamic, 21st Century geoscience, reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering technologies and workflows that will help you know where to lease, drill and frac where it counts!

Booth Agenda

  • Achieve High Confidence Through Calibration of Microseismic Data
  • Optimize Field Production Using Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM™)
  • Keep the Bit in the Zone with the Clarity of Well Trajectory Imaging and Borehole Seismic Imaging
  • Use Geopressure for Resource Play Understanding
  • Optimize EUR by Integrating Natural and Stimulated Frac Models with Dynamic Simulation

Booth Agenda

See you in San Antonio!