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Optimizing production and EUR involves a lot of variables because every reservoir varies initially and over time. As the operator, you must decide where to place and land your well to intercept best reservoir quality and avoid hazards. Then you need to determine the best completion strategy, including lateral length, wellbore azimuth and inclination, future well spacing, completion technique, and treatment program. This is especially true in the unconventionals where every play is different and reservoir properties can change from well to well and stage to stage. And the future brings the uncertainty of your current drainage area, and whether to infill drill and/or to refrac.

We will discuss in this session the value of implementing integrated workflows, including using reservoir characterization and geomechanics to better understand reservoir variability and stage variability, and optimize completion and stimulation strategies. Results are then validated using the highest confidence microseismic to correlate back to the reservoir, geomechanics, and completion and stimulation programs. Basin-specific examples will be shared, and you will see how operators are optimizing their wells and increasing production.

  • Use reservoir characterization workflows, including Shale Capacity, to optimize your field development strategy & gain a better understanding of production variability
  • Predict & evaluate the geomechanical response of the reservoir to hydraulic stimulation
  • Validate completion strategy & field development through an advanced approach to microseismic acquisition, processing, and integrate engineering analysis & interpretation
  • Use Borehole Seismic Imaging™ (BSI) beyond VSP to provide insights to characterize your reservoir
  • Optimize ROI using comprehensive production enhancement studies & data analytics that yield fit-for-purpose completion & frac designs


Please join us for a quick meal at 7:30 a.m., followed by a short discussion for 1 hour. 

Of course, SIGMA³ domain experts will be available for continued discussions after the session.

Join us in:
Midland, Tuesday, June 9
Ft. Worth, Wednesday, June 10
Dallas, Thursday, June 11
Denver, Tuesday, June 16
Houston (Downtown), Tuesday, June 23
Oklahoma City, Tuesday, June 23
Houston (West Side), Wednesday, June 24
Tulsa, Wednesday, June 24

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