Real-time information transforms average wells into exceptional producers, with consistent IPs and higher EURs. When it comes to optimizing production, hydraulic fracturing is the most crucial operation, and you only have one chance to do it right. Confidence comes when you blend advanced microseismic data acquisition and superior processing and interpretation to create the truest image of the subsurface.

How can you leverage the best data and deliver the superior frac design and execution that will ensure you are on the right path to meet or exceed your production goals? Rather than relying on averages or earthquake-like detection calculations, SIGMA³ combines the leading hydrofracturing engineering solutions with the best analytic understanding of the reservoir so you can be confident that you are optimizing your frac program. Using a methodical, integrated approach, SIGMA³ acquires downhole microseismic data from at least 40 levels – not just 8 or 12 – to provide the widest aperture and most detailed view of microseismic events. The true characteristics of the subsurface are revealed using a proprietary high-resolution 3D processing, analysis and interpretation methodology that encompasses not just the wavelet, but the entire wavefield.