Make Barrels Flow When Prices Are Low!

SIGMA³ Named on List of Top 20 Most Promising Solution Providers

Low prices will not stop global operators from thriving. Why? Because they will turn to technology to counter lower commodity prices. Improved performance at the bit ensures success for E&P companies, investors, and the environment, even at $50 per barrel.

This is especially true for smaller companies whose very survival depends on full-throttle, revenue-generating oil production to make up for losses as the price per barrel declines. They simply can't make up the difference by reducing operating costs across the board. Rather, they must address inefficiencies that result in as much as 40% of hydrofrac stages being non-productive.

  • Imagine the value of being able to predict well performance with a high degree of confidence and pinpoint the richest targets before drilling begins, and then validate the findings in real time and optimize the next well.
  • Imagine the cost savings and increased shareholder confidence of knowing that the optimal number – not the largest number – of wells are being drilled (less sand, less water, less fracking), but with an increase in production.
  • Imagine M&A activity where both sellers and buyers benefit because they know the production potential of the asset.


Smart GeoEngineering™ Solutions – Make the Best Decisions About Where to Drill and Where and How to Optimize Hydraulic Fracturing

When prices dip, tension is created as E&P companies attempt to squeeze suppliers to reduce pumping and equipment services. Investment dollars are lost on both sides as environmentalists continue their efforts to derail current and future drilling operations. Regardless of market disruptions, E&P companies can indeed reduce finding & development costs, increase production, and reduce their environmental footprint in unconventional reservoirs through intelligent use of efficiency-driven technology and integrated GeoEngineering workflows. Operational efficiency in a low commodity price environment is within reach and SIGMA³ was founded on this very principle – to help our clients achieve business success in any commodity price environment.

In this time of volatility, operators approach business relationships with great caution. The innovations that drive SIGMA³ are helping these operators optimize costs, and improve the production of each well. E&P companies benefit from SIGMA³ multi-million dollar incremental production value with better engineering and have saved millions by using our proprietary innovative technology to identify the sweet spots in the shale reservoirs, optimize horizontal well trajectories and execute the best completion techniques, ultimately validated by microseismic.


Using CRYSTAL™, a proprietary 3D software tailored for shale, SIGMA³ helps operators maximize ROI by identifying these sweet spots – areas of the reservoir that will yield the best production – so they can drill the optimal number of wells and leverage their trajectories to make the most of the intrinsic properties of the reservoir, including the location and density of natural fractures. The recent integration of geomechanical modeling to the SIGMA³ workflow addresses the propagation of multiple hydraulic fractures with natural fracture networks, enabling even better prediction and better engineered completion techniques.


For operators large and small, success at the bit is found in innovation. SIGMA³ is perfectly aligned to help you thrive in a low-commodity market through smart GeoEngineering™ solutions that reduce F&D costs, increase production, and minimize your environmental footprint. Our recent inclusion as one of the Top 20 Most Promising Oil & Gas Solution Providers by CIO Review is a strong indicator that operators can indeed stay the course with the right technology.