Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Values


In today's dynamic market environment, oil and gas companies and their asset teams are stretching the limits of their technology toolkits, capabilities, and resources in an effort to enhance the financial performance of increasingly complex reservoirs. Upstream investments are proceeding at a record-breaking pace. Oil field services are in greater demand and are driving OPEX/CAPEX higher.

For E&P operators, the pressure is on to explore and produce with a clearer vision, to drill and complete more efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner that maximizes production volumes while optimizing the investment profile of each asset as part of the corporate portfolio.

The management and staff of SIGMA³, understand these challenges, and recognize that technology and services cannot exist in isolation. Asset-based solutions are only safe, effective, and valuable if performed in a true partnership with our customers.

"SIGMA³ recognizes that the responsibility for industry safety, health and environment requires constant and continuing efforts through a partnership of company management, employees, and clients," said Mauricio Aroboleda, SIGMA³ EVP of Operations and Chief Safety Officer. "From the office to the well-site, and traveling in between, we believe that collaboration and communication are critical to the safety and success of dynamic reservoir management processes."

Safety belongs to all of us, and just our customers take great strides to eliminate accidents and reduce environmental impact through culture-driven Health, Safety, and Environmental practices, SIGMA³ requires the active commitment to, and accountability for HSE from all employees and potential contractors. From driving safety and occupational health issues to field processes, training and safety audits, we are committed to the highest standards of Integrity, Accountability, Objectivity, Responsibility, Quality, Safety and Environmental consciousness. Line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, HSE policies and standards.

To learn more about our SIGMA³ HSE philosophy and processes, please contact us today.