Optimize Shale Reservoirs with Integrated GeoEngineering™ Solutions

Optimizing production and EUR – especially in the shale game where every play is different and reservoir properties can change from well to well – involves a lot of variables.



Optimizing well and field performance requires answers to important questions.

For this reason, the need for geoscientists and engineers to work together to address key reservoir questions has never been greater. True optimization opportunities exist for E&P companies willing to make the jump from siloed geoscience and engineering departments to true GeoEngineering™ asset teams.

Drive Production & Performance through an Integrated GeoEngineering Approach

From reservoir geophysics, geohazard prediction, microseismic monitoring, and fracture and completion engineering, SIGMA³ is leading the way in bringing asset-scale reservoir optimization to the industry. Through a truly integrated, reservoir-centric portfolio of technology, expertise and services, we provide the highest level of service and software technologies to help you answer critical questions:

  • What areas will be the most productive and profitable sweet spot targets?
  • How do we drill the fewest wells and leverage their trajectory to make the most of reservoir properties, including geomechanical attributes like brittleness and features like natural fractures?
  • How do we design wells that best connect natural and induced fractures with the least number of hydrofrac stages?
  • What hydrofrac engineering and completion techniques will maximize our production IP & EUR?


"My estimation is that without the Well Trajectory Imaging (WTI) provided by SIGMA³, we would have been completely out the Haynesville Shale porosity zone for at least 3/4 of the lateral. It is very safe to say that at least half of the total well cost was saved. That would be approximately $6M."

– Jeff Reagan, Chief Geophysicist, BEUSA Energy

With a focus on simplicity, field engineers, asset managers, and geophysicists are using integrated GeoEngineering™ tools to perform quick evaluations of drilling, completions and production data. And with a platform built around the concept of real-time collaboration, office- and field-based teams are able to share key insights and capture value from every opportunity.