CRYSTAL™ 2014 Released

High-Performance Computing Capabilities Accelerate GeoEngineering™
Workflows from Modeling to Production

First E&P Software to be Certified Coverity Clean™

Houston - Date, 2014
- Sigma Cubed Inc. (SIGMA³) announces the launch of CRYSTAL™ 2014, its newest 3D integrated reservoir characterization solution, and the first in the industry to earn the Coverity Clean™ quality accreditation. Using parallel algorithms on multi-core processors, CRYSTAL 2014 accelerates the ability of GeoEngineering teams to outsmart the wildly variable well performance associated with shale reservoirs by building Shale Capacity™ models that help pinpoint the sweet spots that will yield maximum EUR.

Shale well performance relies on the interdependent nature of the reservoir itself. CRYSTAL 2014 powers an integrated reservoir characterization workflow that turns key properties into a Shale Capacity model that accurately represents of the volume of rock that could contribute to production when effectively stimulated. This workflow directly estimates reservoir properties like Total Organic Content, porosity, resistivity, brittleness, and natural fracture density based on correlations with well logs, FMI logs, and core data.

"Working in time and depth, CRYSTALTM integrates geophysical, geological, engineering and microseismic data to create a structured geocellular model," says Kevin McKenna, Vice President, Technology Solutions. "Critical to this process is performing intricate 3D inversion techniques, and clients have reported accelerated execution as fast as 10 times due to our new process parallelization functionality. This enhanced seismic data yields valuable attributes that, when properly combined, tell the reservoir's Shale Capacity story."

Another step forward in software development, CRYSTAL 2014 is the first software solution in the E&P industry to be certified as Coverity Clean™. SIGMA³ has invested in the advanced static analysis algorithms from Coverity to ensure that code is tested automatically during the entire software development process. Problems are identified, resolved, and re-tested in near real-time, enabling reliable software to be delivered better and faster.

"Coverity helped the Jet Propulsion Laboratory put the Curiosity Rover on Mars by identifying software defects and ensuring the accuracy of more than 50 million lines of code before embarking on a $2.5B mission," says Sean Spicer, Chief Software Architect & Lead Developer. "Oil and gas operators spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a single well can't afford crashes and instability. SIGMA³ applied the same rigorous QA processes to more than 1 million lines of code in CRYSTAL because the integrated solutions being used by our clients to understand the subsurface should be as Coverity Clean as what NASA uses to explore our universe."

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Sigma Cubed Inc. (SIGMA³) addresses the demands of the next generation of conventional and unconventional resources producers through the development and delivery of unprecedented GeoEngineering™ integration, resulting in better subsurface reservoir characterization targets and optimal frac and completion strategies. Operators can significantly increase production while reducing costs by fracking the reservoir where it is most productive, and validating their results using the industry's most reliable microseismic acquisition, event detection and location accuracy algorithms. Through a truly integrated, commercial portfolio of proprietary software, expertise and services, SIGMA³ helps clients target the sweet spots that will yield maximum EUR. For more information visit

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