CRYSTAL™ 2014 – Certified as Coverity Clean

CRYSTAL 2014 is the first software solution in the E&P industry to be certified as "Coverity Clean".

“The age of software in our industry can be 20-25 years old in many cases, and often this technology is not actively maintained, leading to long-standing software defects that lead to non-productive time for clients,” said Sean Spicer, Chief Software Architect and Lead Developer for SIGMA³.

As part of our commitment to product quality and to ensure our clients experience minimal Non-Productive Time (NPT) due to software defects, SIGMA³ invested in the advanced static analysis algorithms from Coverity to ensure that code is tested automatically during the entire software development process. Problems are identified, resolved, and re-tested in near real-time, enabling reliable software to be delivered better and faster. Achieving the state of "Coverity Clean" is a key accomplishment as it signifies that all new code and legacy code are free of critical quality and security defects.

“The Coverity platform enables us to find and eliminate these defects systematically, enabling our development and testing teams to focus their attention on improving functionality for clients instead of reproducing random crash bugs,” says Spicer. “SIGMA³ customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of this effort. We are confident in the quality and reliability of our technology, and proud to call our latest release ‘Coverity Clean.’”


What does this mean to you?

More stable software. Faster execution time. Less NPT.

Coverity helped the Jet Propulsion Laboratory put the Curiosity Rover on Mars by identifying software defects and ensuring the accuracy of more than 50 million lines of code before embarking on a $2.5B mission. Oil and gas operators spending hundreds of millions of dollars on a single well can’t afford crashes and instability.

Don’t you deserve to have the same rigorous QA processes applied to the software you are using to understand the subsurface of your reservoirs? With CRYSTAL 2014, you have it.